Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Medium: Digital; letterpress

Size: 10.25 x 8″

Problem: Creating a bound book that highlights the life of one of the individuals on Time Magazine’s “Top 100 Most Influential People” list.

Client: Student work

Solution: I created a book about Winston Churchill and his exemplary rhetoric. Since the book focused on the words of Churchill, I emphasized this with quotes from his speeches on nearly every page that were set with letterpress type.

Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill

Preshrunk Identity

Problem: The branding company Limelight Apparel wanted a new look for their brand to stand out from the competition.

Solution: The company went through a total re-brand, and I was the primary designer for this. We changed the name to preshrunk, and I came up with the new logo and sub-logo marks to carry out the brand ideals that Preshrunk stood for. They wanted to stand out from all the other “kitschy” brand apparel companies and offer a quality product. I designed a fresh, clean brand approach that would match this mentality.

I designed the identity: logo, sub-logo marks, colors, typography, business card, letterhead, the brand guidelines pamphlet, and collaborated on the website while under the employment of Preshrunk. These are primarily what are featured here.

Preshrunk Business Cards

Bent Tree Coffee

Bent Tree Coffee

Medium: Digital; pencil

Size: 3×4”

Problem: Create two illustrated labels to highlight the seasonal coffee to be represented at Heinen’s grocery stores in Northeast Ohio

Client: Bent Tree Coffee Roasters

Solution: I created fun, quirky illustrations to be used on the bags in the form of stickers.


Wedding Postcard Set

Wedding Postcard Set

Medium: Mixed: micron pen and digital for all designs

Size: 7 x 5”

Problem: Create an illustrated postcard.

Solution: This started as a project for Illustration II, but evolved into a wedding invitation for a friend. The invitation design was transformed to create an identity that appeared on a website, thank you cards, a bridal shower invitation, and program.


GOOD Magazine

GOOD Magazine

Medium: Medium: Mixed: micron pen, pencil, digital

Size: Original 8 x 20”

Problem: Design a 3 page magazine article for GOOD magazine.

Solution: The topic I chose was Autism Awareness, and I illustrated a story based on my old friend Sean. I used simple line drawings to make the piece fun, as the story is a positive one.


Krupnikas Recipe

Krupnikas Recipe

Medium: Mixed: micron pen, gouache, digital

Size: 16.667 x 6.25”

Problem: Create a recipe for They Draw and They Cook.

Solution: “Krupnikas,” or honey liquor, is a Lithuanian alcoholic delicacy. This recipe had been in my family since before they came to America, so I tried to incorporate Lithuanian patterns in the bee.







Medium: digital

Size:Original 17 x 11”

Problem: Design an animal character to experiment with shape, pose, movement, and line of action. Final resolution in color.

Solution: In order to come up with a solution, I abstracted and sketched many alligators to capture one with a crafty character. A miniature story is developing here to tell the fate of the armadillo. I looked at the work of Dan Seddon for shape and was inspired by Nico Marlet for line-work and texture.


Cool Jazz Cats

Cool Jazz Cats

Medium: Mixed: pencil, micron pen, digital

Size: Original 11 x 14”

Problem: Design a cover for an article highlighting the Cleveland Jazz Festival in the Enjoy magazine. The top 3 would be used in the article.

Solution: I was inspired by Cliff Roberts and Nate Williams to create a fun illustration featuring cats playing jazz. I explored the use of line with pops of bright color to create an engaging conversation between line and shape. This solution was one of the finalists out of the entire class to be picked for the cover.

JC closeup_1

Gillian Welch Poster

Gillian Welch Poster

Medium: Digital; including various pencil and charcoal textures.

Size: 10×12”

Problem: Promote a recent musical artist by means of a vinyl album cover or a poster.

Solution: I created a poster for the album, The Harrow and the Harvest by Gillian Welch. The music gave a haunting southern folk feel, and I alluded to the motifs of change and death by illustrating the content of a key song Six White Horses. The song begins with the horses coming to take the artist’s mother at her death. By the end of the song, the horses are coming for the artist herself.